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In our pistol coaching clinic we will work with each shooter to ensure that each aspect of their technique is reviewd and analysed. We will then prepare a coaching plan for the shooter to follow under the supervision of the coach for the duration of the clinic.
The areas reviewed will include:
* The Stance
* The Lift
* The Hold
* Aiming
* Triggering
* Follow through
The clinic also deal with the creation of individual training plans for use by the shooters following completition of the course.

In the rifle clinic we look at the shooters overall performance and analyse and review the strengths and weaknesses of the technique.

We offer shooters the best analytical tools available to measure their current performance levels and to guide them to higer levels of acheivement. We specialise in understanding the shooters reqirements and arranging specific coaching interventions to improve and enhance their shooting technique.

We can also arrange for the shooters equipment to be matched to the anatomical characteristics of the shooter. We also can arrange for batch testing and selection of suitable ammunition.

We also can arrange for an optometrical exam of the shooter to ensure that their vision is optimised to maximise their underlying performance. We have access to specialists who will perofm this examination and evaluation.

Sports Psychology

The importance of a strong and tailored mental programme has been proved time and time again in the Olympic Games.

We will guide our shooters in developing the mental techniques nessesary to ensure the delivery of the technical performance in competition.

Key areas of competition preparation, dealing with competition anxiety, crisis management and visualisation will be explored with clients.

Individual Training Programs

Developing and using training plans is essential for shooters to maximise their performance and to ensure that they are progressing the goals they have set out to achieve.

We will work with both a group of shooters and on an individual basis to help develop training plans which will map out the work and training required to achieve these goals. We will details the training session plans as well as the annual training plan and give guidance as to what elements are best suited to the client.

We can also help clients to monitor and evaluate their training plans on an ongoing basis and to provide a mentoring service to ensure that the client stays on track in their programme.

Gun & Ammo Testing

At our clinic, competitive shooters and teams will have the opportunity to test their weapons and ammunition.
LAPUA is our official ammunition partner and we offer the facility to have selected ammunition batches at your disposal for testing. Following testing we can recommend the best brand and batch which is suited to your gun.

Creating Custom Pistol Grips

We can provide our clients with a custom grip fitting service. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to create a custom grip that will maximise your pistol/hand fit and provide a platform for accurate control of the pistol.